Out-of-court dispute settlement

In the case of long-term contractual relationships, especially large contractual amounts, situations may arise in which the client and contractor interpret the text and content of contracts differently. The judicial clarification of the differences is often time-consuming and costly. Alternative dispute resolution models such as mediation, adjudication, dispute resolution, arbitration and arbitration have become well established in many places and help to find faster solutions.

The various dispute resolution models must be used on the basis of the project-specific circumstances.


  • Achieving an extrajudicial settlement in disputes
  • Saving time and costs compared to the legal dispute
  • Preventing Reputational Damage


  • Settlement of the dispute as mediator, arbitrator or adjudicator
  • Participation in dispute resolution bodies and arbitral tribunals
  • Preparation of expert opinions for arbitral tribunals and courts

We are happy to support you in your efforts to settle disputes in extrajudicial proceedings, be it as mediator, arbitrator, adjudicator or expert