Traffic infrastructure and energy for the future

The global population growth and the demand for mobility in a networked world lead to a need for efficient and environmentally friendly transport routes and energy production plants. Limited space in the urban areas, topographical facts and environmental requirements often lead to solutions with a high percentage of underground structures.


 Heinz Ehrbar Partners llc was founded in June 2012 after the successful completion of the civil work at the Gotthard Base Tunnel. The aim of the company is to advise client’s and contractor’s organisations dealing with the planning and implementation of large infrastructure projects which comprise underground structures.

Over 30 years of experience with many major projects have repeatedly confirmed that the project success is set in the early stages of the project. In these phases, the leverage effect of management decisions is the greatest.

With our consulting we indentify opportunities and risks in all phases of the project and show the appropriate actions to be taken.

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